Sunday, May 27, 2012

French Open--what they said

When the draw came out, it wasn't exactly the draw that I wanted to be honest.
Elena Baltacha

Have you seen the field this year?  It looks pretty open, many potential winners maybe.

Yeah, people have been saying that for quite a while that, you know, any one of a handful of women could win.
Sam Stosur

I have a crazy personality.
Serena Williams

I know I can do well, and I'm really gonna try my best to do well again.
Marion Bartoli

Right now, I think whatever I'm doing is definitely working because I'm doing much better than I have in a while.
Melanie Oudin

The complex moved on, and people focused their attention elsewhere, but Oudin was still there, a person living inside the narrative, living inside her head while still not even old enough to drink legally.
Howard Bryant

Who did you dream of kissing when you were a teenager?
Marat Safin, and he knows it!
Svetlana Kuznetsova

Obviously, she wants to run around that backhand and slam that forehand.
Elena Baltacha, referring to Stosur

My perspective changes every week. I just want to do my best and not be overwhelmed.
Venus Williams

It was just pure joy.
Marion Bartoli, on the response to her 2011 quarterfinal win


Eric said...

I was reading your conversation with Ash below and I was reminded that it took Serena awhile to get all her chickens in a row between her first slam win and then becoming a dominant player.

I mean a lot changes...she's still maturing...and going from being so low-key to being constantly in the spotlight...also coming into money...I mean that's a big motivation changer too.

What it took for Serena to get back on track? Her boyfriend dumped her.


Also, do you know what Petra's going to do for the Olympics? I doubt she will play Womens Doubles since CZE has so many strong teams already...but will she be teaming with Berdych again for mixed? Have you heard?

Diane said...

The last I heard, Eric, Berdych (like many players) was feeling squeamish about playing in three events. So I don't know if either of them has committed to playing mixed doubles at the Olympics.

And yes, I, too, have considered that Petra just needs some time. It's a huge change in her life.

Eric said...

Berdych is playing men's doubles too? I feel like these players need to be smarter -- the chances of winning a medal in mixed doubles is greater. There are less teams and the chances that a country has a strong men's player plus a woman with a serve that's difficult for a male pro to return is less...

Add a woman with a strong return of serve too and there are only a few women who come to mind:

- Serena
- Petra
- Venus (maybe)
- Stosur

(I don't count Lisicki...bc her return of serve isn't as strong...I guess I shouldn't count Stosur either...but her serve and doubles skills make up for that.)

Although women's serving is getting better and better...there seems to be a new name to the good server's list every week...(Lucie Hradecka comes to mind...)

What are these people thinking?

And after watching Roddick today, I don't think Serena should choose him... I mean he still has all the skills, but his attitude would bring any team down.

Diane said...

I haven't heard Berdych talk about it lately, so I don't know what he's planning, but when I last heard him talk about it, it certainly sounded like he was planning to play doubles.

The other really, really strong returner of serve won't be at the Games--Marion.