Saturday, April 2, 2011

Azarenka wins Miami

Afraid I might miss a thriller, I left Charleston qualifying (and sacrificed watching the draw) to go back to the hotel in Mount Pleasant and watch the Miami final. I kind of wish I had stayed on Daniel Island. It wasn't a beat-down (well, the first set was), but Azarenka's 6-1, 6-4 victory was a solid one. Sharapova, awash in errors and service problems, and down 0-4 in the second set, eventually came to life. Azarenka got a bit shaky toward the end, too.. But just a bit.

Sharapova was broken eight times, and held serve only once. Azarenka, who won the championship in 2009, has had multiple problems with illness and injury for the past year, so this was a very big win for her.


Daniel said...

Sharapova dropped out

Diane said...

I heard. My husband attended the draw (I was foolish enough to go back and watch the Miami final), and he told me. My luck has been so bad lately, there's no way she was going to stay in that draw :)