Thursday, June 3, 2010

Worst semifinals ever

It isn't unusual, in the WTA, for semifinals to be more exciting than finals. But just about anything that happens on Saturday will be better than what happened in Paris today. Elena Dementieva, who has been dealing with a calf injury all week, retired today after she lost a first set tiebreak to Francesca Schiavone. Though her pain wasn't obvious during the first set, Dementieva was choking back tears during the tiebreak, and when it was over, she shook hands with the umpire and with an obviously confused Schiavone.

Dementieva said that she tore a calf muscle in the second round, and could have retired in the third, but she kept on playing. But today, the 5th seed reported, the pain was so intense, she could not go on. Disappointing as this is to fans--especially Dementieva fans--it has to be devastating to the Russian. So many time, she has been so close to winning a major, and her chances at Roland Garros were as good as anyone's. To watch her walk away was just too sad.

The other semifinal was sad in another way. A determined team of Sam Stosur and Jelena Jankovic easily defeated Jankovic 6-1, 6-2. Picked by many to beat the Australian, Jankovic did little more than stand on the court and make forehand errors. Her movement--usually world-class--was sluggish, she had trouble keeping the ball in the court, and she was, in every way, flat. This should have been a highly competitive match--maybe the most competitive of the tournament. Instead, it fizzled into an hour's worth of beat-down.

Quel dommage.


Anonymous said...

hi Diane! I'm lucky enough to be in Paris at the moment, don't have RG tickets though so I went to Hotel de Ville's jumbo screen to watch the semis today. Most of the people in the square where pretty shocked when Dementieva retired, confusion indeed!

btw momo came to the reebok stand (she was promoting the new easytone shoes), managed to take lots of pics and grab an autograph yeppiee!!!! she was really nice and patient and smily with all the requests, makes me so sad that she's retired! also I wish I knew French so at least I can understand her commentaries!

I'm really happy for both Sam and Fran though, they've been underachieving in the slams for years and may the best woman win on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Coming from you Diane -- I feel this is saying something. Hopefully the grande finale will be awesome!

Diane said...

I was so disappointed. Terrible to see Elena retire, and boring to see JJ stand there and make it so easy for Stosur.

On a brighter note--nice to hear from you, Dani! Lucky you, that you not only get to be in Paris, but you saw Amelie. Wow.

Todd Spiker said...

What's that I hear? Someone at NBC saying to anyone who'll listen, "See, that's why we ignore the women and don't even show the semifinals."

Well, I guess people might have enjoyed Hode and Kathie Lee more today. Pity.

Diane said...

I missed that. I was probably too busy trying to come out of shock.

Dan said...

thanks Diane, yep I was really lucky, never got to watch Amelie play but got to meet her now she's retired lol.