Friday, June 25, 2010

Wimbledon--what they said

I think I was a little bit surprised because I thought she would hit the ball harder. I felt she was hitting the ball hard on faster shots of mine if I was getting out wider to her backhand. I felt she was really playing very aggressively from when she had to, when it was kind of all or nothing.
Kim Clijsters, speaking of Maria Kirilenko

Grass is a very tough surface. You have to be so focused all the time. The scoreboard can change very quickly. So I think you have to be really focused and it's in the head.
Marion Bartoli

...I DO NOT REGRET about not shaking the hand.
Svetlana Kuznetsova

That's something that, you know, I was working for a while: trying to play more aggressively, serving well, and playing go very well in the returning games and coming to the net. So I think I did overall pretty well today. I hope I can continue like that.
 Jelena Jankovic

If you were to describe your style of play and Justine's for somebody who had never seen either of you play, how would you describe them?
It's like school exams here.
Kim Clijsters

...I'm not here really to win Wimbledon; I'm here to give my best and I'm here to go as far as possible in the tournament.
Justine Henin

Are you healthy enough now and motivated enough and strong enough to get back to the level where you were before you had the injury?
Yeah, you know, finally I think I feel good. Couple of minor things, but every single tennis player experiences those. But I can say finally I'm healthy and finally I can put up a good work. You know, I'm looking forward to improve my game and get back to that level where I was before.
Vera Zvonareva

...people are playing longer these days. They don't give it up too quickly anymore. If they do give it up, they come back and keep winning.
Venus Williams

And finally, the power of the unconscious mind...
I haven't done great at the Grand Slams. I didn't play the Australian Open....
Kim Clijsters


Overhead Spin said...

Oh Justine, talk about taking the pressure off yourself. If you are not hear to win Wimbledon honey, then why exactly are you here?

Diane said...

Like any of us believes it!

Overhead Spin said...

LOL, Diane, indeed.

Man, the women are really showing out this tennis season. Some fantastic potential matches scheduled for Monday, especially the rematch that everyone has been waiting for, 6 years in the making. Do you think that Sharapova can take out Serena Diane? I dont think so but Sharapova may be motivated because that is where her star was born? Man, I hope they both get through their 3rd round matches.

Diane said...

No, I don't think Maria can do it. I espcially don't think so since she double-faulted 16 times in her last match. I do expect Maria to get to the round of 16, though. And I think that Groth (assuming she holds her nerve) is going to give Venus a good match.

Todd Spiker said...

Geez, Kuznetsova is just in a 24/7 snit this year, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to contradict you, Diane, but Sharapova has only two DF during her last match (against Olaru). And a total of 16 errors. For 29 winners and six aces. Good stats overall. That being said, I doubt she could defeat Serena. Her strikes are simply not decisive enough right now. And she is far less effective defensively. I wish she wins, but I don't see it happening.


Diane said...

Ah, corrected. I saw a summary that was wrong. Thank, Anon. And I'm with you--I think she will nevertheless have trouble with Serena.

Diane said...

Todd, returning to Sveta...So many things bother her now--the fans, the youngers players, her opponent. I can't help but wonder how long some of this has been locked up inside her, waiting to get out. She doesn't seem to be having much fun, tennis-wise.