Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wimbledon--what they said

Is playing on grass the most fun just because it's soft?
It is. It is. But then I also like those intense rallies where you push off, you know. It's more physical, but I like that. But yet again, yeah, it's a completely different game. There's so much more thinking involved. I like that part about it, as well.
Kim Clijsters

Serena and Venus I think brought a lot to the game because they really pushed us to physically and mentally get better. And I think they did an amazing job for women's tennis, as we really had to get better after them.
Justine Henin

...I don't think we'll see a lot of youngers anymore coming up and doing well, I think it's because of the physical part. I think it's become so much more physical these days.
Kim Clijsters

It happens too much, especially when she's not comfortable, when she's scared a little bit or under a bit of pressure. It's very difficult because during the years before we teamed up, she needed approval from somebody, good or not good. I've talked to different professionals and they say, "You don't have to put her in a situation where you don't permit her to look at you because it might disturb her a lot." It's like an anchor. She needs this anchor, and now to try to break it after too many years, I don't think this is a good way to do it, especially because outside the court it's not really like this.
Carlos Rodriguez, discussing Justine Henin's continuous glances to him during matches

What's the state of your game right now?
Yeah, the state of my game is really living in the moment for each point. So regardless of what happened good or bad on the last point whatever it was, I'm just in that moment to win that point that I'm in. So that's my state.
How do you think you're playing?
I mean, I always think I'm playing well. I'm always giving myself a good grade.
Venus Williams

...there's not one tip or advice or difference that Belgium has compared to England. You know, you probably took most of our coaches already. So that didn't work.
Kim Clijsters

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