Monday, June 21, 2010

Wimbledon--what they said

...she hits the ball really flat, low over the net and really deep. I think that's something that she really probably--probably flatter than any player out there. Serena hits the ball really hard and can be very explosive. But I think Maria, it's at a constant, constant rhythm.
Kim Clijsters, speaking of Maria Sharapova don't have to judge all the time. Everyone said, "Oh, this is not the thing to do or this is bad, this is right to do." I think I'm just saying that everyone sometime can just blow away. It just can happen.
Marion Bartoli, discussing the French football team

It'll be very, very difficult to beat Serena. Blimey, I mean, Serena's going to be the favourite to take the title again. But the one person who could potentially trouble her is Justine Henin, but I think that's the only person really.
Elena Baltacha

Here you cannot, you know, slide. You got to stop. Especially I find it quite hard sometimes changing direction.
Jelena Jankovic

What, in your mind, do you think was the key to that third set, because you absolutely dominated in the third set?
So when I did the break in the second set and I won it, it was 6-5 for me, and I start really well, first break in third set, and I felt that I'm going to win this match.
Vera Dushevina

...I was, you know, nervous but also excited to be out here, to be on the new Court Number 2, I had to find my way to get there a little bit. Luckily the security guard knew where we were going, because I actually had no idea.
Kim Clijsters

I remember the whole family would argue when we were playing cards. It was unbelievable, we're all so competitive and we'd end up calling each other cheats. I even remember playing football together and that would usually break out into an argument, because no one wanted to lose.
Elena Baltacha

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