Monday, June 21, 2010

Wimbledon miscellany

Rennae Stubbs is blogging from Wimbledon.

Serena Williams working on her curtsy.

Venus Williams is working on her shimmy; her Wimbledon dress was inspired by Tina Turner.

The chief groundsman at Wimbledon says the height of the bounce has changed, but not the speed of the ball.

For the first time in history, Wimbledon has a female chief umpire (via Forty Deuce)

Lindsay Davenport is working as a commentator for the BBC during Wimbledon.


Overhead Spin said...

I heard Lindsay yesterday. She sounded really nice. Very analytical in her commentary. I actually think she is doing a very good job at this commentary thing. She is also down to play mixed doubles so that should be fun. I like that a lot of the top players are gearing up for the Olympics by partnering up for mixed doubles.

Andy Roddick has grabbed his BFF Serena Williams who I doubt will be playing singles or doubles at the next Olympics. I think she may be only going for mixed doubles, so clearly no more Fed Cup.

The women today put on a good show but I hardly got to concentrate on them as my first love of tennis, Federer nearly gave me heart failure in his opening round match. Let us hope he gets his act together for the rest of the tournament.

And how are you doing these days Diane? Trust that all is well in your world.

Diane said...

I'm good, thanks, though it is very hard to cope with the heat and humidity here, which is even worse than past summers. A few minutes outside makes you miserable.

I've heard Lindsay as a commentator at other tournaments, and I agree that she does a good job.

I thought the sisters wanted to give the 2012 Olympics a shot in doubles. Of course, none of us knows what the injury situation will be by then.