Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wimbledon is less than 2 weeks away

The transition from clay to grass always feels so abrupt to me, possibly because I am so attached to the French Open and enjoying savoring everything about it. But Wimbledon activities are already underway:

The wild card playoffs at the All England Lawn Tennis Club were completed yesterday, and today, the four British wild cards were named. Qualifying begins on Monday, June 14, and ends on Thursday, June 17. The seeds is announced on Wednesday, June 16, and the draw takes place on Friday, June 18. Play begins on Monday, June 21.

An addition to the mixed doubles draw this year will be the team of Lindsay Davenport and Bob Bryan (via On the Baseline).


bill said...

The French Open is my favorite. I'm in awe of the players' skills but I can just barely relate to what they do -- the tricky angles, the spin shots, the lobs. Wimbledon and the hard court Slams are in another dimension. Love them, but can't relate to them as a player at all - the speed, the power, the reflexes. And the clay courts of Paris - even more exotic, and glamorous, than anywhere else.

Diane said...

I know. I'm always so surprised when I heard someone say "I don't like the French Open." What's not to like?!

Anonymous said...

The dirty Clay! makes me want to take a shower after every match I watched! I'll take the glamour and beauty of Wimbledon over the mud I mean clay anyday!