Friday, June 4, 2010

French Open--what they said

Do you have a way to cope with nerves tomorrow? Do you know what to expect and how to deal with that?...
For sure I will be nervous with tension. I think is one of the best feeling that I can personally feeling. So is good iscoming my mental trainer, so maybe he can help me a little bit. Is good chance. I want to just live and enjoy my moment, my life.
You have a mental trainer?
Yes, I think everybody here have mental, I hope for you.
Francesca Schiavone

Obviously if this was Melbourne it would be pretty mental around the place; you'd be struggling to deal with all the cameras and all the pressure. Does it make it easier and easier to focus on what is this magnificent opportunity you've created for yourself being so far away from home?
Yeah, I guess it does. It's pretty crazy as it is, so I couldn't imagine what it would be like being in Australia right now. Maybe that is a good thing. You don't see the papers and you don't walk around the streets and have people recognize you all the time and stuff like that.
Sam Stosur

Do you remember anything about that? What you wore? What happened on the court?
Yeah, I remember a couple things. I remember--sorry.
Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
I remember my dad told Venus--you remember this? He told Venus to cross--you remember now?
No. I can't.
He told Venus to that she had to cross more, and so I think she got upset and she crossed when the person was serving. She ended up volleying the serve. Oh, it was so funny. I remember my dad, he's so positive. He's like, Oh, no, no, Venus, not that. Just wait until after the serve.
Serena and Venus Williams

Your face is so expressive.
It is not good, this.
I know. We're not talking about that now.
I joke.
Francesca Schiavone

Yesterday you mentioned that you were a big fan of Patrick Rafter when he was playing. Did you have any contact with him about your success until now? 
Yeah, he's good friends with my agent, actually. He's been sending a few text messages through. Yeah, it's nice to know that someone like him is behind me and willing me on.
Some advices for big finals?
Oh, just good luck and best wishes and that kind of stuff.
Sam Stosur

Have you ever imagined being the older one? You talk about how you're used to being the younger one in your book. Have you ever imagined being the older one?

No, I definitely wouldn't play the role as well, I don't think.
Serena Williams

What is your relationship with Italian journalists?
That's tough. No, I think I'm improving like a person, so I can show them much more who I am and what I do. And I think they are starting to understand my personality and how I play so I can have a better relationship with them. I never went to take a drink or a dinner, but maybe I will do it. Depends. If they pay, I will do it.
Francesca Schiavone

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