Saturday, June 5, 2010

French Open--what she said: post-match comments from Francesca Schiavone

What does it mean that this little girl who started playing is now the champion of this incredible tennis tournament?
This is mean that everybody have the chance to be who really you want to be, and to do everything in your life. This is what's happen to me.

If you think back to the tiebreak, you came closer and closer with every point. So how was the feeling inside? Because you looked going crazy in a positive way. So how did it feel?
I was feeling much more energy and more and more and more. I couldn't stop it. I really felt that that one was my moment. I took it. I didn't lose the chance. I didn't care about nothing. I want to take that point and play my tennis. It was the moment.

(on whether she had a prepared victory speech)
I didn't prepare nothing because if I prepare something for the future, it never happens.

Li Na, she has so much talent that you never know what can she play. So I think it was the first step to arrive where I am now. I played so good and so fast that when I won that match I say, I think I really can do it.
You mean after you defeat Li Na you start to believe you can win the whole thing or you can win more matches?
No, I had the chance to win everything.

I can still improve. I can still be more explosive. I can still put more spin on my shots. I can still hit deeper. I can still improve my serve. I'm just beginning.

I prepare very good the match, and I never change my mind. I was so clear for me what to do that when I tried to play short, the ball after was long. When she was running to the backhand, the second ball was shot to the other side. This is, for me, smart things. Yes, this is the way that I think that is smart.

(on whether she expected this win)
Expectation, no--but dream, always.

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