Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Black & Huber talk about their split

Doublas Robson interviewed both Cara Black and Liezel Huber about the dissolution of their partnership. It's an interesting read--a story of frustration, disappointment and bitterness.

The article, by the way, speculates that Huber may play doubles with Lindsay Davenport later in the season. That partnership has since been confirmed: They will play together in Stanford and San Diego.


Karen said...

Wow, I saw the article earlier today and read it. Bitter much Liezel? OMG. I felt it in Australia and I think the break up had more to do with them losing to the Williams Sisters in such a very bad way even more so than Cara's bad play. I actually thought Cara was the stronger one on the team. It was usually Liezel's serves that got broken, but what do I know. I always thought that Cara was fit and aggressive at the net and she would chase down balls all over the court. I am not sure what Liezel's problem is but she needs to grow up and change her ways.

Diane said...

At Fed Cup, Liezel's serve was on fire, but you're right--in the past, I saw her serve get broken a lot.

What surprised me was that they both talked about it instead of just saying "That's between me and Cara/Liezel."

Karen said...

Yeah, one would have thought after being together for so many years and acting like a cohesive unit, that they were in fact a cohesive unit. It is unfortunate because what it does is perpetuate the myth that women rather than being appreciative of each other are just mindless catty women. In addition, does Liezel not realise that the other women on the tour will have serious reservations about playing with her seeing that if the partnership goes sour she is going to go to the media.

And yes, saying that this is a matter between Cara and myself and vice versa would have gone over a lot better rather than saying your partner choked on the big points and was concerned about rankings.

Olivia said...

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