Thursday, July 23, 2009


Here is a photo retrospective of Nathalie Dechy's career.

Li Na may have to skip the U.S. Open Series because of her knee.

Nicole Vaidisova is now ranked number 140 in the world.

Here is some new Lacoste clothing.

Olga Pouchkova has been fined for her role in the WWT debacle that took place last week.


Todd Spiker said...

On the D.C. radio ads for the latest WTT matchup (either Friday or Saturday, I guess... I don't really know), they're actually usuing that incident as a promotional tool. Calling it "the talk of the sports world" (a bit of an overstatement, "probably"), they're essentially trying to get people to show up for the Kastles match... apparently, hoping to maybe see it happen again?

Diane said...

I heard some tennis fans say they thought it would be good for WTT. I guess you have to have a good fight, or mock-fight, to get people interested. Whatever it was, I wasn't a bit surprise to learn that Pouchkova was in the middle of it.