Friday, April 17, 2009

More on the Zvonareva Family Circle Cup injury incident

When I got to my seat in the stadium this morning, I chatted with a woman who was there when Vera Zvonareva was injured last night. She said that when Zvonareva fell, she was in obvious intense pain, and her coach came over to her with an ice pack, but he was barred by tournament officials from tending her. She also said that Zvonareva's opponent, Virginie Razzano, also tried to check on Vera, but that she, too, was barred from getting to her. A ballboy had an icepack at the ready, but was never given the go-ahead to apply it to Zvonareva's ankle.

According to the witness, Zvonareva lay on the court for some time, unattended, while the umpire (the same one who permitted all the terrible line calls to stand in the Williams-Mirza match) sat in her chair and did nothing. Finally, after Vera got up, she was helped into a golf cart and taken away by medics, and her coach was able to give her an ice pack. The woman who told me this was shocked and upset by the proceedings, and I wasn't very happy to hear what she had to say.

Zvonareva had not checked out of the hotel as of this morning.

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