Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Corina Morariu--unconfirmed statement on her retirement

Several days ago, I read in Jon Wertheim's column that Corina Morariu was retiring at the U.S. Open. I heard nothing about it on television and saw nothing else about it, so I wondered if Wertheim were mistaken. I still have seen nothing else about it, but if it's true, then it is shameful that she wasn't given a proper send-off at the Open.

Morariu is not only American (those are the only retirements the U.S. sports press and television commentators care about)--she is a former world number 1 doubles player. She also had to undergo chemotherapy for acute promyelocytic leukemia, and made a successful comeback to the tour. Morariu--who was once a top-30 singles player--played doubles with many partners, but her best-known partnership is probably the one with her friend Lindsay Davenport. They won Wimbledon in 1999, and Morariu was also a finalist in two other Grand Slam tournaments.

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