Saturday, August 20, 2016

They did it with mirrors!

From the time I arrived at the Western & Southern Open on Monday, it has rained and rained. Two or three games played under cloudy--or even sunny--skies would suddenly have to be stopped because more rain fell. It's been the rainiest tournament I've ever heard of, yet all matches were played in a relatively timely manner. Sure, there have been a lot of delayed matches, and some players have had to play twice in one day, but it still seems like quite an accomplishment that the event stayed "on schedule."

A lot has been said about the great job the crew has been doing with the squeegees, and about how hard the ballkids have worked with the towels. But not mentioned are the many "sweepers" who are constantly clearing the puddles so that fans can walk around the grounds with minimal splashing. That has certainly helped me, since I appear to have a skill for stepping outside of the media building about 30 seconds before it starts raining.

I'm glad I didn't rent a car, since the storms have wreaked havoc on the parking lots. That problem, too, has been aggressively addressed each day, but there's only so much that can be done to hold back the forces of nature.

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