Sunday, November 2, 2014

Petko wins Tournament of Champions, Woz speeds through NYC

Andrea Petkovic won her third title of 2014 today--the Tournament of Champions in Sofia, Bulgaria. Petkovic defeated Flavia Pennetta 1-6, 6-4, 6-3, as the Italian faded in the final set from what appeared to be fatigue. Petkovic, whose season has turned into a successful comeback journey, is now number 14 in the world, and Pennetta (who knows more about "comeback" than anyone) is number 13.

Meanwhile, Magda Linette won the 125K Series tournament in Ningbo. Linette defeated Wang Qiang 3-6 7-5, 6-1 in the final. Top seeds Arina Rodionova and Olga Savchuk won the doubles title.

All eyes were on the New York City Marathon, however, as world number 8 Caroline Wozniacki ran the race in a very impressive 3:26:33. When she reached the finish line, her friend Serena Williams was there to put the medal on her. Wozniacki had never run a course longer than 13 miles, and she spent her weekend going to a Halloween party and attending a Rangers game.

That doesn't sound like the expected before-race training, perhaps, but the thing to remember about Wozniacki is that she has almost super-human endurance. She has said before that she can stay on the court "for hours"--she never seems to tire.

Both Petkovic and Wozniacki have had very good seasons, rebounding from misfortune and returning to excellent form.


Sarah said...

I have to say I'm really on the Wozniacki train right now. I've always liked her and have put her previous unfortunate comments and not so great moments down to immaturity, the influence of her father and what seems to be a constant need to be liked. (Just my opinion and certainly an uneducated one at that!) However she has really fired up this year and has started living up the potential that we could always see but she just didn't seem to be able to or want to reach. I really wish her all the best next year and would love to see her win a Slam. She seems like a lovely young woman who is genuinely liked and is prepared to work hard for her career and a good cause such as her marathon run.

Great to see Petko win too. Another favourite, another talented player. Here's hoping for a good year for her next year too. Now on the countdown for the Australian season ... summer and tennis in 'real time', my favourite time of year! :-)

As always, great comments and insights through the year, thanks Diane. I don't get to watch much tennis these days between two little ones, study and my husband cancelling the sports channels off our Foxtel (!!) I always come here to catch up and enjoy reading your articles. :-)

Diane said...

Thanks so much, Sarah. You're very kind to say that. It's my pleasure :) And here's hoping your husband has a change of heart!

I think that we're seeing a more mature Wozniacki. She went through something very painful--and public--and seems to have used that to take herself to another level (reminiscent of Flavia Pennetta). Her dad went through a lot, too. I was very impressed by her NYC Marathon experience.

Sabey said...

Count me in as a believer in Caroline! I have always been a fan but have despaired about her ability to play aggressively enough to win the big ones. I think now she is set to do it and in her own way with her style of play. I am so impressed with her marathon time! Even with training I was never able to do that well. It takes enormous strength and resolve.
I am also so pleased for another of my favorite players -Petko. I think she is on the upswing and hope she continues that way next year.
Kudos to Diane for the insightful and thoughtful blog about women's tennis. We need more of that for all women's sports.

Diane said...

Thanks, Sabey :)

And best of luck to both Caro and Petko in 2015.