Thursday, September 4, 2014

U.S. Open--what they said

...I only won one title here in doubles. That was a while back in '98. I made some good matches, like some great memories, but it's been a while. So it's like I really cherish this moment because I have had some great matches, but also in doubles I didn't feel like I had too many opportunities. I lost to players that actually I beat in this tournament now again, like whether it was Peschke, you know. So it felt like really far away. Also in the beginning of this tournament I think we had a really tough draw. So I think we really deserved our spot. I think this tournament it all came together for me. I played a lot better than in the previous tournaments. With Flavia I feel really comfortable being out there. I think that's the key to success.
Martina Hingis
We like to play together, and always we have a different--in the important moments or when we are down, we always come out with some different things. We have always the energy to come back.
Flavia Pennetta

You were flying everywhere, catching everything. It was almost a ballet. 
It's like you want to keep that momentum. It's scary, because we already play like amazing first set. Like the first games was everything was like perfect, right? She hit, I'd go short cross-court volleys. Everything. Yeah, so you just want to keep going and keep the momentum.
Martina Hingis

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