Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fed Cup--a figment of my imagination?

Sharapova and the Olympic Torch, Sharapova & Her First Court, Road To Singapore: 14 Cities, 14 Facts, Doha Fast Becoming Sports Oasis.

Those were some of the headlines I saw on the WTA site when I looked at it this morning. There were also front page stories about players' favorite Olympic sports, the Olympic opening ceremony, and January's shot of the month poll.

Hey, WTA--it's Fed Cup weekend. 90 nations are broadcasting Fed Cup action, but if you went to the official site of women's pro tennis this morning, you wouldn't have known it. As I write this, Australia has gone up 2-0 against Russia, Germany has gone up 2-0 against the Slovak Republic, there are a lot of other scores, there have been some very good matches--but the site is still all about the Olympics and Doha.

The message seems pretty clear, doesn't it?

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