Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Everyone knows I'm a perfectionist..."


Eric said...

You know...Serena earned more this year than Federer or Nadal has ever earned. Only Djokovic has earned more 12.6M (2011), 12.8M (2012). Serena might end the year as earning the most out of any tennis player male or female in 2013.

2007 Federer 10.1M 8 Titles
2010 Nadal 10.1M 7 Titles
2011 Djokovic 12.6M 10 Titles
2012 Djokovic 12.8M 6 Titles
2013 Nadal 10.7M 10 Titles*
2013 Djokovic 8.5M*
2013 Federer 1.9M*

* - ongoing season

I know prize money isn't a great metric, especially when considering inflation, but I think that that's kind of amazing. I think only Nadal can perhaps pass her this year...but he would have to win everything for the rest of the season. (And Federer has only made 1.9M this year...which shocked me.)

Diane said...

Serena is scary:) Who knew she was going to be this incredible at age 32?! Matt Wilansky just wrote an article about her in which he says we better take her seriously about competing when she's 40.

IMO, one of the smartest decisions Serena made was to train with Mackie Shilstone. And while it makes me sad and angry to think about the drunks who tossed the bottles in that restaurant in Germany, I think that Serena's post-accident decisions turned her into a whole new version of a champion.