Sunday, November 18, 2012

Passing shots

Heather Watson and Laura Robson have been named joint winners of the Sunday Times Young Sportswoman of the Year award.

Robson says she can sleep not only for twelve hours straight on a plane, but also in the car on the way to the airport.

Victoria Azarenka was voted by fans as the most popular player on the tour in 2012. (Not bad for someone who is "not liked.")

The International Tennis Hall of Fame has suspended former doubles star Bob Hewitt over allegations that he sexually abused multiple female players when he was a coach. When the allegations first became public, the Hall of Fame conducted an "investigation" which turned out to be, well, nothing at all. Later when pressed, the organization did launch an investigation. In announcing the suspensions, the Hall of Fame declares that Hewitt's "legacy ceases to exist in the Hall of Fame." The result appears to be no different from expulsion, but the Hall of Fame did not officially expel Hewitt because he has not been convicted of any crimes.

Zhang Yuxan has received a wild card into the  main draw of the 2013 Australian Open. Zhang was a qualifier at the Asian-Pacific Australian Open Wild Card Playoff, so she had to win six matches.

Alexandra Dulgheru is back from having knee surgery and doing extensive rehab, and will begin playing again some time next year. During her time off, Dulgheru spent time reading, going to the movies, riding horses, and painting.

Chris Evert and Lindsay Davenport are scheduled to play themselves on a January episode of "CSI."


Stuart Young said...

Great news for Heather and Laura, they've had great years and I think 2013 could be huge for them.

Never understood the Vika thing, really reminds me of the way people think of Andy Murray. Guess it's just hard for people to warm to certain personalities.

Sunny nine said...

Although I like Vika, I don't know if "voted most popular" is the correct way to put it. When the WTA started this on their site, they said these were the most "clicked on" women on the WTA site. That could be because people liked them or because they just wanted some information.

Diane said...

The WTA has translated it into "most popular," a concept I don't really like, anyway.

Whatever motivates people to click on Vika's name is okay with me. She has so completely transcended the tiny limits "allowed" to female athletes.

Sunny nine said...

Yeah, over time, they seem to have said that clicking on the player made them the most popular. But I saw tonight that they are now having you vote for different categories of Fan Favorites.