Sunday, October 21, 2012

Passing shots

The eight Istanbl competitors (and one alternate) glam it up for the press.

Richard Pagliaro thinks Victoria Azarenka has what it takes to stay in the number 1 spot, and he makes suggestions for her, too.

I missed this truly wonderful post by Hudson Taylor on the relationship between sexism and homophobia (the two issues are, in my opinion, inseparable), but was directed to it by After Atalanta.

Vera Zvonareva's former coach, Sergey Demekhine, is now coaching Margarita Gasparyan.

Caroline Wozniacki says that all of her off-court promotional work contributed to her decline in the rankings. (link courtesy of On the Baseline).

Wozniacki, by the way, will enter the top 10 again if she wins the Tournament of Champions.


Sunny nine said...

I saw that the WTA announced Petrova and Vinci for Sophia (and the Wildcards too) but I didn't see an article announcing Wozniacki in the tournament. I thought maybe she wasn't playing. She is the highest ranked player. Can't figure out where I missed it.

Diane said...

She's in one of those articles--I forget which. Her chances, of course, are ver good, and a win would give her a big boost.

Todd.Spiker said...

I know I, for one, enjoy reading my Women Who Serve in Icelandic.

Neat! I like the translation option. I just spent (probably too much) time looking at how different it could make the text look! ;)

Diane said...

Thanks. I meant to do that long ago, considering how international the WTA is and how widespread the fan base is.

I'm a huge Bjork fan, so maybe I should check it out in Icelandic, too (kind of puts a new twist on "All Is Full of Love," doesn't it?).