Wednesday, September 9, 2009

U.S. Open miscellany

Melanie Oudin's story has topped all other stories, especially in the U.S., as well it should. However, this U.S. Open also gave tennis fans a chance to see more of the lovely game of Yaroslava Shvedova, the player who upset Jelena Jankovic. In addition to having a game worth watching, Shvedova also has a compelling on-court personality. Trivia you should know: Oudin defeated Shvedova on her way to the round of 16 at Wimbledon.

Speaking of Oudin: She had to check out of the Manhattan Marriott on Sunday because her reservation expired.

Serena Williams took some time off from the Open to throw the first pitch at a Yankees game.

John McEnroe said yesterday that a strong coach is very important, especially on the women's side "because of the travel." I'm sure he'll have competition, but it will be hard to top this gem as the most offensively patriarchal statement made by a commentator during the tournament.

This was almost certainly Ai Sugiyama's last U.S.Open. She speculates that she will retire after the Tokyo tournament. Sugiyama reached the U.S. Open round of 16 in singles in both 2003 and 2004. She and Julie Halard won the doubles championship in 2000.

Brooklyn filmmaker Alan Rich has filed a suit against the USTA, claiming the organization discriminates against wheelchair competitors by refusing to sell broadcast licensing rights to their matches. Rich, who is making a documentary about wheelchair tennis, claims that--since the networks do not broadcast wheelchair matches--he should have the right to do so. State Supreme Court Justice Michelle Weston is expected to make a decision today.


U said...

Oudin thought that she would end her run in the first week, so now she must chek out? Amazing! If, that's the reason.

Diane said...

Yes, that's the reason. And when she tried to get her reservation extended, the hotel staff didn't know who she was.

She's staying at the Intercontinental now.

skivvy said...

McEnroe was referring to "the travel" in a different context. Having a male coach that a female athlete can feel comfortable with and not have to worry about untoward advances... that was gist.

Diane said...

skivvy, that was the context I assumed he meant, and I found it very patronizing. (It doesn't say much about his opinion of men, either.)

skivvy said...

I hope you're right on this one Diane... and for the most part I think you are. Maybe JMac was being a jerk but I felt it was more of a "concerned dad" talking, patronizing as that may be.

Eleven months, more or less, on the road is a long time and there are some creeps out there. Ask Anna-lena Groenefeld!

Diane said...

I don't doubt his concern, but the assumption that women can't take care of themselves and need strong daddy figures is what bothers me. I think it harks back to this: