Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jim Courier just joined the list of lazy, stupid commentators

No surprise, I know. He just suggested that all players either change the suffixes of their last names, or--if there are more than eight letters in a last name--use their first names only on the tour. Of course, it was kind of a "joke," but he emphasized that pronouncing names needs to be "easier for us." Once again, the names are not that hard to pronounce, if you bother to learn how to pronounce them correctly. And again, Courier, McEnroe, Fernandez, and their ilk are being paid extremely good money to talk about the players--that would include pronouncing their names correctly. And finally, it is just plain rude to not bother to correctly pronounce someone's name.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear him today, 8/31/07? First he suggested Marat Safin do a Chris Evert and have someone hold the second ball if it keeps falling out of his pocket. Then he linked a comment about Sharapova's 40+ minute win last night and only the one game she dropped with the "equal prize money" for men and women. What a loser!

Diane said...

It's always something. I remember when two women players were having a dispute on the court and Courier wanted a "cat fight" so it could "get physical."

Debra said...

Get McEnroe out of there! Geez, couldn't the US Open find anyone better than him? I find it disgusting while he puts down other players from other countries!
I am American too, but come on....give these players their due!
Anyone else fed up with McEnroe's big mouth???

Diane said...

I am, though--when he sticks to calling tennis and just tennis--I think he is good (it is his insufferable brother who sets my teeth on edge). At the U.S. Open, however, the commentators tend to be quite U.S.-centric, perhaps because they cannot get over the memories of U.S. dominance--a la McEnroe, Connors, Evert, Austin, and Navratilova.