Monday, September 1, 2014

U.S. Open--what they said

I finally made a quarterfinal this year!
Serena Williams 

Do you like the way you're treated by the media? Would you like to be more sort of in the spotlight like certain stars, or you like to be in the shadow? What is your attitude? Do you think that someone is not considering you enough or not?
I think I prefer to stay in the shade.
Ekaterina Makarova

Is it different? Do you have to do something different to play against her (Serena) than you would...
Something different. You cannot invent something. I mean, you just have to play your tennis and do your best. Of course, she's better than me, but if I still believe I can beat her, maybe if she doesn't have a good day I can do that....
But you still believe?
Of course. Why not?
Flavia Pennetta

What are the positives you take out of this? You made the fourth round of the US Open, lost to the number 1 seed.
Yeah, I had really good matches. I think I gained confidence for next tournaments. I played aggressive. I didn't get like pissed on the court. I was very calm all matches. I like that way to be on the court.
Kaia Kanepi

...her backhand is world class. One of the best backhands in the world. I think her forehand, it's tricky. I don't think she hit it poorly. She varies it up on the forehand side. You get different looks. You get a hard, flat ball. You get the slow, loopy ball. That's why she's tricky to play.
Casey Dellacqua, referring to Flavia Pennetta

...of course I'm nervous a little bit. Sometimes more; sometimes less. But all the time when I'm nervous, maybe more than normal, I'm all the time try to speak with my coach about this. Like just to talk, you know. And then this situation she told me some things and this situation just let it go, you know.
Ekaterina Makarova

I played Jennifer Capriati. At that time, we were the same age.
Chanda Rubin


Eric said...

Where does Krunic's power come from? Her frame is so slight, unlike Cibulkova's.

Eric said...

I feel like the story of this tournament has been how the veterans have looked like they don't believe and how the youngsters have been very composed.

Diane said...

I know. Domi has that strong core and those very strong legs. I suspect Krunic has a very strong core, too. She'd have to. Actually, Gisela Dulko comes to mind. She seemed so thin and not much to her, but she could hit the hell out of the ball.