Friday, June 27, 2014

Wimbledon--what they said

This is the best match I have played on grass since I won the title.
Petra Kvitova

As so often happens for the underdogs in such matches, falling behind seemed to lift the weight from Smitkova’s shoulders.
Michael Beattie

She played well at every single moment. I gave it my all. Sometimes it’s not enough. It’s a shame there had to be a loser and more of a shame that it had to be me. This was a great match for me. But the battle is always more enjoyable when you win.
Venus Williams

...I think I did great today with mental. It wasn't easy actually.
Barbora Zahlavova Strycova
Then the momentary distraction from above she was looking for. A trio of pigeons decided to land on the Slovak’s side of the court and were in no hurry to shift. She had to chase them away swirling her racket three times before a giggling Safarova could serve.
Dan Imhoff
If I want to break her, I have to win every point I can play.
Petra Kvitova

I need to play some matches before the big one. Is not only about technique. I think sometimes I don't know how to play the point, especially in the important moment. I think today I make a lot of mistake.
Li Na

This year has been great for me. People have been trying to retire me since I was 25.
Venus Williams


Brave Man LOL said...

Amazing match, Williams/Kvitova. Most error were forced and neither gave an inch most of the time. No lapses anywhere, just a slight edge for a minute or two here and there. A true nailbiter. Venus is back. Her committment to returning to prominence is unquestionable and it's working.
Kvitova has now played five consecutive matches brilliantly. Two in Eastbourne and now three at Wimbledon. Could the sleeping giant be awakening?
I hope so.

svente said...

Terrific Kvitova/Williams match! Wow. They both played great and as a fan of both, I couldn't lose with them both playing so well. And as we know, Wimbledon is about me! Ha!

Meanwhile, didn't Oracene Williams once call Kvitova the next great champion? It was a while ago, before she won in 2011.

Diane said...

I think she might have, Svente; that sounds familiar.

That was some match. Great to see Venus in that kind of form.

Bobby Skipsey said...

What a match! Very few unforced errors, both girls serving the lights out, and as usual some fantastic winners at unexpected moments from bad positions. It gets my vote for the match of the year, so far.
Great to see both playing so intently, intensely and cleanly. Until the last ball was struck, there was no way to have a clue as to who would win,