Monday, June 23, 2014

Wimbledon--what they said

This time last year I was lucky enough to get a wild card into qualifying for Wimbledon. But the week before that, I was researching how to become an au pair, and I was going to go live in another country somewhere...because I couldn't afford to play tennis.
Naomi Broady

I'm not looking for anyone to believe in me or anything like that. You have to believe in yourself these days. I have nothing to prove, nothing to hide, nothing to lose.
Venus Williams

Zero. I tried to find something on the Internet, but I cannot. Two or three days ago I was practice with another player, and her coach say, I think she has good forehand. I start to play her backhand today, and she didn't miss one shot. So I think I need to talk to the guy later, yeah.
Li Na, on what she knew about Paula Kania

I'm sad my streak is broken. But obviously there's nothing I can do. It feels like the end of the world now, but fortunately it's not.
Sloane Stephens

I don't think that it's pressure like 2012. But, I mean, I put pressure by myself to me.
Petra Kvitova


svente said...

Venus also recently said, when asked about being the greatest, "I'm not worried about being the greatest. Someone will be greater. Someone already is greater. I'm not worried about making history."

Too late, Venus, way too late!

Diane said...

Well, I think she knows she made history a long time ago :)

Karen Williams said...

People have always lost sight of what Venus represents. Venus is all about challenging herself and showing everyone that despite the obstacles in your way, you can persevere. Venus has done remarkable things in sport and in life for which she hardly gets recognised. She may not have the portfolio of a Li Na, but the quality of her achievements in life surpass anything that Li and others can perhaps ever aspire to. Venus is a remarkable human being, a champion of women's tennis and for me the GOAT of women's tennis. She has worked behind the scenes as a mentor for so many of the young up and coming US women and it is a testament to who she is that she never blows her own horn about these things.

She may not have a Career Slam but she has represented, herself and her sport in a way that many others wish they could do.