Thursday, June 5, 2014

French Open--what they said

I would love to win those matches in two sets, but I always feel like I put in the work to be ready to play whatever it takes. If it takes three hours to win the match in three sets, I will be ready for that.
Maria Sharapova
I think she always has a strong presence on the court.   But that's how it is when you play a great champion. You definitely feel their presence. I want to do that as well on the court. I think it elevates the match.
Eugenie Bouchard

I will fight for this one. I played a really good match in Madrid first set. I started really well. I was very fast on court, and I opened the angles very well. But she came back very, very well and she hit strong, stronger than me at that moment. Now, I have to be aggressive again, to play fast, like my style, and to stay there with the nerves. It will be a tough moment for me. I know. I'm sure that will be. But I have to be happy and just to enjoy. I cannot say how I will feel Saturday. I cannot now. I don't know how is it to play a final of a Grand Slam.
Simona Halep

...once she starts opening up the court, she plays super smart and she really uses the whole court.
Andrea Petkovic

 How did you end up playing together?  How did that happen?
Well, actually, I was asking around. No one wanted to play with me, and then he said yes. I was like, "Yeah."
Anna-Lena Groenefeld

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