Wednesday, June 4, 2014

French Open--what they said

I think she played a good match. The problem was not that. It was me. No power, no energy. Like that, it's tough to play tennis.
Sara Errani

It’s the type of tennis that, in theory, any pro should be able to play, but it’s not nearly as easy as Petkovic made it look.
Steve Tignor

I have to say, today I was in a real zone. I didn't think at all. I was just focused on what I had to do.
Andrea Petkovic

You can put many excuses or whatever, but I think the key is that Simona was at her best. My movement was not perfect; the shots not so good.
Svetlana Kuznetsova

Does any player, man or woman, move the ball from one corner to the other as freely and easily and smoothly as Halep does?
Steve Tignor

This time I was very relaxed and it was a perfect day. So now I feel good. I feel my game. I feel prepared for the next match.
Simona Halep

I was just overwhelmed by emotion. I had no boy to kiss, so I kissed my racket.
Andrea Petkovic


Todd.Spiker said...

Hmmm, Brad Gilbert just called Halep "Halepeno." That might rule it out as an "official" nickname for anyone else to use now. :D

Diane said...

Who was it who named her that originally? Was it Leif Shiras?

It's cute (despite being uttered by B.G.), but not very accurate. Simona is a habanaro! Just doesn't jive with her name :(

Todd.Spiker said...

Not sure. At least (I think) he stopped called Li, "Li Na, Na Li". ;)

Mia007 said...

Being a therapist, you are aware of all the psychological pressures that can be put on players; that can affect their playing; ie. public support by commentators,free air time by "selling a clothing line". My point is simple: wouldn't it alleviate some of these unfair practices by having more than ONE TENNIS ASSOCIATION being in charge of EVERYTHIN??? All sports have different owners, etc. but in tennis, and perhaps golf, a tiny FEW seem to control the critical components of the game. It makes a person wonder if the entire game is rigged?