Monday, June 2, 2014

French Open--what they said

After going down 5-4 in the third, I just sort of told myself, "Okay, listen, you have to play aggressive. You have to go for your shots, and nobody's going to give you the quarterfinals just because you're nice, so go gain it"
Andrea Petkovic

I’m really happy I’m in quarterfinals for the first time in my life here because I love Paris....I have a lot of confidence in myself. Day by day I play better.
Simona Halep

All the points were very tough. I just tried to be focused.
Sara Errani

I could have lost first round; that would have been real bad, right?
Sloane Stephens

The WTA should investigate Halep for anti-American activities. It was painful to watch how she kept hitting the ball away from Stephens, to prevent the American from hitting clean shots. She also quite obviously used excessive spin to confuse the American player and intentionally returned balls that Stephens thought would be winners. On repeated occasions she chased down drop shots that should have been winners. It is also deeply disturbing that the line judges joined in this xenophobic attitude, calling out Stephens' shots that had landed barely several feet outside the lines. To add insult to injury, the umpire awarded the match to Halep 6-4 6-3, without regard for artistic expression and self-professed big tournament experience by Stephens.
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I wanted run a lot on court, and I think I played aggressive, and I dominated the match, I think.
Simona Halep

I didn't feel like dancing. But people were coming just to see the dance. They were like, "Andrea, dance, dance." Then I sort of did it to don't disappoint the people.
Andrea Petkovic


sunny nine said...

Love the comment. It is interesting that Stephens was reported saying ater the match that it was difficult to play a person that was so consistent in the last 9 months (really it has been longer) when earlier Stephens seemed to run down the "smaller tournaments".
Stephens has so much talent and I want to root for her but someone needs to tell her to care about the tournaments between the majors. As I have said before she won't know how to play in the really big moments or against the higher ranked players if she doesn't play them outside the majors. Serena has been no 1 for so long and has 60 titles, making strides as a legend, because

sunny nine said...

she has embraced the tour.

Added to above sorry.

Diane said...

I don't think any of us can know what's really going on with Sloane; Sloane may not even know what's going on. It's an odd phenomenon, this pattern she has. She does have a lot of raw talent, but that goes only so far.