Saturday, August 31, 2013

U.S. Open--what they said

Who did you hit the ball to? Who was the ball girl? You were in celebration.
Oh, who did I hit the ball to? I was trying to get it to a specific group of people, and I actually didn't get it there. I heard them throughout the whole match. I thought it was so nice they were cheering for me. I don't know who they were, but they were awesome. I didn't hug a ball girl, so I'm not really sure who that was.
Alison Riske

Is it the same kind of sickness you had in Wimbledon?

I think it's the same, because I had a blood test to see if it was bacteria (or) virus and it was virus. I mean, I didn't have any sore throat or anything like that. I had just a very high fever.
Petra Kvitova

Speaking of Cincinnati, you beat Marion Bartoli in Cincinnati. It was the last match for her.
Yes, I was impressed that she retired after the match with me. It was her decision and we have to respect it.  We wish her all the best. She was a special player on tour. Was good for me, that tournament, because I played really good there. Against Stosur I played good and I won that match.  Against Serena, it was more difficult. I just took the pleasure there.
Simona Halep

I like pressure. I think pressure is something that if you want to be on top, you have to deal with. That's what makes you better. You know, you need that to be on top, to be motivated.  If you don't have any pressure, if you don't feel, you know, like you have to achieve something, it's not fun. For me, I need that.
Victoria Azarenka

Can you talk about the frustrations in Grand Slams this year?
Yeah, that's a life.  It's not only in the tennis.
Petra Kvitova
How does it feel to be in the bigger interview rooms?
Oh, it's really cool. It's really neat. It's nice that there are more than two people
Alison Riske

What was the last match you won that you would describe as a big win?
Well, it's hard to remember.  That's a scary thought.
Ana Ivanovic

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svente said...

For all the sh#$ Azarenka gets (STILL) for being an eMotIONaL player (cue footage of her "meltdowns") I love, love, love that she's all "Oh, yeah... pressure? bring it!"