Friday, August 30, 2013

U.S. Open--what they said

Are you going to have a bit of a rest because of the wrist, or are you going to be able to carry on training?
Um, I would say a rest just so it settles down completely, and I will see my doctor when I get back. I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out, as well.
That will be fun.
Well, all the other girls in the locker room are telling me their horror stories. Oh, yeah I pulled my gauze out and it was just blood. So that's not too nice.
Laura Robson

Do you notice a difference in Sloane, the way she's been playing, going more for her shots?
I actually thought at Wimbledon she played a lot more aggressive. Today I thought she was hitting the ball very short, and I was too far behind the baseline to hurt somebody that moves that fast. I didn't want to come forward until late in the second set and start hitting out on my shots. I was definitely tentative. At Wimbledon, I thought she played a lot more aggressive.
Jamie Hampton

If you could do one thing different during the year between January and now, what would that be?
Wouldn't do anything differently?
Sloane Stephens

Of  all the companies that sponsor you, Nike and Mercedes and Rolex, do you have any favorite free gear that you (has) been given to you by those companies?
 I like all sponsor.
Li Na


svente said...

I love that Sloane silenced them with a simple "No." It's enough, let it go.

And what's with the Na sponsorship question? Jeez, media, get it together. I'm increasingly embarrassed for them.

Diane said...

It was either a very "blank mind" moment or a really trivial form of baiting. I wish Li had put it back on the "journalist."

Anonymous said...

Well, Petra is worsening. Could it be related to the 'black widower of tennis', Stepanek? I cannot watch this anymore. The finest ball striker ever seen two years ago, and now... nothing to speak of. I have never seen any truly good player go to pieces to this extent.

Diane said...

Petra is a mess. She's actually "frail," at this point. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Another virus did her in. She should skip the summer tour. Hell, she made it to number 2 in 2011 without winning at all during the summer. I'm beginning to believe that neither Petra nor her coach are bright enough to make good decisions.