Thursday, August 29, 2013

U.S. Open--what they said

Did you hear the marriage proposal?
No, I didn't.
Does it surprise you around here?
Some of the fans say some crazy things.
Christina McHale

Did you arrive at this tournament feeling good about yourself or were you having some doubts when you got here?
No, I think is some weeks that I'm feeling too much pressure. I don't know why, but I'm not enjoying going on the courts, and that is the worst thing a player can have. Because if you go there and you fight and you lose, not my problem. I always try to. But the problem is if you go there and you are not fighting, that is my best thing that I always had as my good thing. And I have to find a way. I hope to find it.
Sara Errani

Do people recognize you in the checkout line at Whole Foods?
Yeah, sometimes. Yesterday I had a big 'fro. When I took out my braids, it was like that. I don't think anybody would. I couldn't recognize myself.
Victoria Azarenka

Pam Shriver: It makes everyone at home feel better--the best player in the world (making a big mishit)--
Let's put it this way--it makes Suarez Navarro feel better that she didn't get her head knocked off.
Chris Evert


sunny nine said...

Here is a longer article from ESPNW regarding Errani and her mental fight at this time:

Diane said...

Thanks, Sunny.