Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sloane Stephens advances to third round of U.S. Open

After hours of rain delays, Sloane Stephens and Urszula Radwanska took to the court at the U.S. Open last night. It was close to midnight, and Stephens was facing the player who had beaten her in straight sets earlier in the year. No worries. In a masterful display of the kind of tennis that is "expected" from her, Stephens blew Radwanska off the court, defeating her 6-1, 6-1 in 58 minutes. Stephens' serving was spot-on, and she was great at the net.

But one has to wonder: Is this the Sloane Stephens who will show up for the third round, or will the brooding, error-prone Sloane Stephens show up to when she faces dangerous countrywoman Jamie Hampton? Also, will Stephens learn how to bring her "best" tennis to events that are not filled with high stakes and fanfare?

Sloane Stephens is filled with potential, and she seems to be edging closer to fulfilling it. But there really are two Sloanes, and they are still in conflict with one another.


Anonymous said...

Petra won easily, with very few winners and even fewer unforced errors. Could this be a moment of emerging maturity, that is, just doing what is required to get past each opponent economically, so to speak? Straight sets, no less.

Diane said...

I now try not to get my hopes up :(