Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wimbledon--what they said

I'm just doing everything better, honestly.
Marion Bartoli

The fact that she plays exceptional tennis for her age is secondary to the way she's been brought up and the type of person she's blossomed into.
Darren Cahill, commenting on Ashleigh Barty

I think the semis was the maximum I could go to this year. I mean, I had to play, I don't know, 500 per cent, I think, to beat Marion today. She was just too good.
Kirsten Flipkens

...She deserved a lot of respect.
Marion Bartoli, commenting on Flipkens

Her game sometimes is a like a faulty box of fireworks.
Sam Smith, referring to Sabine Lisicki

I go out there to win. I fight for every single point, and I still enjoy the game, so I think those are the main parts why I won today.
Sabine Lisicki

Unflappable--that's what I call Radwanska...
Chris Evert
Lisicki is flappable.
Chris Fowler

Should I just be there and dance? What could I do?
Agnieszka Radwanska, discussing her rapid exit from the court

I was going to make a sexist comment, but I'll keep it well buttoned up.
Simon Reed
(can you imagine someone in a broadcast booth saying "I was going to make a racist comment...? or "I was going to make an anti-gay comment"?)

I don't know, but I think Germany's pretty happy right now.
Sabine Lisicki

Will you find it easy to sleep before the final?
I did sleep before the semifinal.
Marion Bartoli


Todd.Spiker said...

At what point did Simon Reed say that, concerning which match/player? Just trying to figure out what stupid thing ALMOST came out of his mouth, I guess.

Diane said...

After A-Rad got broken and asked that icebags be ready for her during the changeover. But I don't think anything could be much worse than what he actually did say. It's like when Tsonga said those terrible things and the media made a string of jokes about it. Contempt toward women--ha ha!

Nondisposable Johnny said...

I really kind of wanted to give him a break and assume he was surely on drugs. But he was lucid the rest of the time so I had to assume it really was as rank as it sounded. Especially disappointing that it came in the match of tournament. I can't root against Sabine when I've been waiting so long for her to put all those wonderful pieces together, but I'm never gonna' be sad if Marion wins so it will be a good day no matter what. Can't wait.