Monday, April 5, 2010

Mirza madness continues

Jelena Jankovic is sometimes referred to as the drama queen of the WTA, but she has nothing on Sania Mirza. (Actually, I think she has nothing on Justine Henin.) The Indian player--who has had a fatwa issued against her, faced charges of disturbing the peace, gotten in trouble for supporting safe sex, received a warning for dishonoring the Indian flag, and saw one of her doctors receive death threats--inadvertently triggered a new round of drama when she decided to get married. Upon hearing the news that Mirza would marry Sohrab Mirza, a man threatened to kill himself, and another man went to her house to declare his undying love for her. Both were arrested.

There is also quite a bit of controversy over the tennis star's selection of a Pakistani man to be her husband. Not long ago, Mirza announced her split with Mirza, and she became engaged to Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik. Today, Indian police seized Malik's passport and questioned him about allegations that he is already married. Ayesha Siddiqui claims that Malik married her in 2002, and she is demanding a divorce.

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