Sunday, April 18, 2010

Championship match analysis--short version

Okay...Sam's going to thrash the rubber right off the ball, you're going to destroy your new EXO3 Black 100, and then we're out of here. Got it?


Sunny said...

I wonder what Prince thinks of Vera's display after they just set up a sponsorship with her. I didn't mind the outburst-with Stosur out playing her to such a degree it would be difficult to stay calm. She did it when she double-faulted. I think she thought that her serving was the one thing she could control but didn't at that moment

Diane said...

It helps, too, if you were there. Really, the crowd got into it--anything that would help Vera was fine with them.

And if Prince didn't know that Vera breaks racquets, where have they been?