Friday, February 12, 2010

Tanasugarn advances to Pattaya City semifinals

Tammy Tanasugarn defeated Anna Chakvetadze 6-1, 6-4 in Pattaya City today, and will play 4th seed Sesil Karatantcheva in the semifinals. Karatantcheva defeated Elena Bychkova in the quarterfinals. Tanasugarn and her partner, Marina Erakovic, have already made it to the doubles final.

The other semifinal will feature top seed Vera Zvonareva and 4th seed Yaroslava Shvedova. In the quarterfinals, Zvonareva defeated 5th seed Sybille Bammer, and Shvedova defeated Tatijana Malek.


Sunny said...

What is going on with Lisicki? I think she was fighting an injury last year. I was hoping she would make some noise on the tour with her serve but hated to see her go out so early in this tournament. Zvonareva and Shvedova (I think I spelled that wrong) should be interesting. I would like to see Zonareva get back on track with her ankle and win.

Diane said...

Lisicki is talented, but oh, so inconsistent. When she's "on," she's very hard to beat; she has a tricky serve with much variety, a great forehand, and a lot of touch. (The tennis writers who describe her as "one-dimensional" haven't seen her play since her early days.) She has always had a problem stringing together victories. I thought--after Charleston--she had moved past that, but I think all those injuries and illnesses took away some of her confidence. I hope she stays healthy so she can get back on track.