Saturday, February 27, 2010


Lagardere has signed Kristina Mladenovic as a client.

Venus Williams says she has learned to better manage her pain and has gotten rid of the "huge horrible strap." You can see a photographic retrospective of "Venus's Best Moments" here.

Klaudia Jans has successfully defended her master's thesis at the Academy of Physical Education and Sports of GdaƄsk, in northern Poland. Jans wrote an analysis of the Jans/Rosolska vs. Morita/Sugiyama doubles rubber in the 2009 Fed Cup competition between Poland and Japan. Jans now has a master's degree in physical education.

Serena Williams has opened a second school in Matooni, Kenya.

James LaRosa makes a case for cheering for the player, not the country.


Overhead Spin said...

My girl just won her 43rd title. She has also completed the Dubai/Acapulco double for the second straight year. Go Venus. You show them that those old bones still have life in them. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Venus! Now take that fighting spirit to the French Open and VeeLieve!