Tuesday, September 8, 2009

U.S. Open--what they said

What were your observations of Kim's match with Venus? What discussions have you had with Venus, if any, about that match?
"Well, I just saw how well she moved. Seems like she's even faster than what she was before. I was thinking that maybe I should have a baby and then I'll come back faster."
Serena Williams

On match point, it was a very long rally. Did you think in your mind, Well, I saved a lot of them the other night?
"Yes. Why not?"
Flavia Pennetta

"...I love watching Oudin play, Wozniacki, Wickmayer, it's so much fun for me to just watch on TV and see the emotions that come out of them when they win a match. I get so happy when I just see that."
Kim Clijsters

Is it harder to play against somebody who is nice as opposed to someone who is maybe a pain in the ass?
"Obviously, yeah, but I can--if I can play against Venus, I can pretty much play against anyone."
Serena Williams

Why does she have to lose the first set?
"Just to continue to annoy me and stress me out."
Brian deVilliers, Melanie Oudin's coach

She (Flavia Pennetta) said that you have a certain intensity on your face when she plays you. Are you aware of your intensity out there, especially on your face?
"No, I'm not aware of it, but I see it after in photos. I'm pretty horrified sometimes."
Serena Williams

Why was he (Agassi) your favorite player?
"No, I mean, you can saw picture before. He was long hair, and he can do whatever he want. And then I just feel like yeah, I just think maybe some day I was like him, like I can do whatever I want."
You have long hair.
"Yeah, but I didn't haven't have a good baseline like him."
Li Na

"...when I get in the court, I always try to think I can win the match. I don't go in the court and just say, 'I hope to make a good game and then will we see.'"
Flavia Pennetta

Doesn't sound at all like, you know, you carry any grudge, you know, 'You beat my sister so I want to beat her,' at all. I'm wondering, in the past, has that ever been a factor? Has that ever happened? Is there ever a time someone beat your sister and you said, 'I really want to beat her because she did that?'
"I'm a really good actress. Thank you."
Serena Williams

Stupid question of the day:
Your baby's getting ready to take a nap and you're getting ready to go to work. How difficult is it for you to balance that?
Pam Shriver, to Kim Clijsters

Boorish question of the day:
You're enjoying this so much. I'm curious if you plan on having more children? If so, ideally when might that happen?
Question to Kim Clijsters


Anonymous said...

Loved the stupid questions of the day. How could you pick just one from Pam? LOL... I love Pam but c'mon with the silly questions!

Diane said...

The whole "Kim's a mother" thing has gone way off the map. The physical part is certainly a sports story. But the rest of it? Millions of women and men, every day, have to leave their babies to go to work.

And of course, there is always the issue of men never being asked "How do you balance being a parent and a pro tennis player, judge, actor, plumber, etc.?"