Sunday, September 6, 2009

U.S. Open--what they said

I don't think people were surprised it went three sets, but the first two sets were...
"Very weird."
Kim Clijsters

"I knew I didn't have the physical ability for a third set. I knew that in the middle of the second set."
Vera Zvonareva

"...I'm not even going to tell you what was going on in my mind. Yeah, I was shaking. My arm felt like 50 pounds or more. But I just told myself, 'Look, don't give it away like that.'"
Kim Clijsters, on serving for the match at 15-40

Safina, because the day session ran long, her match was supposed to be the first on at night on Ashe got moved to Louis Armstrong. She was disappointed in that. She thought it was disrespectful that the women's match got moved. Any opinion on that? If placed in a situation like that, would you be upset?
"Well, why didn't they move the men's match again? They were second on."
She said they told her they wanted to give fans the chance to see a best of five set match and they moved her to Armstrong.
"Yeah, I think that was just a good thing to tell her to silence her at that moment. But I have to take her side on this. I think that she was first on. She should've played at 7:00. They should have moved the men's match. Simple as that, that's how it should be done. If you're supposed to play a match, you're supposed to play it, and then you move the next match."
Serena Williams

"...I never thought that I was going to be back. Never, ever did I doubt it or did I think about it even."
Kim Clijsters

Flavia, down six match points--how did you do it?
"Oh my god."
Flavia Pennetta

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