Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update, sort of, on Lisicki

According to Sabine Lisicki, her scan "went well." She is in Florida undergoing rehab for her injured ankle. Lisicki, you'll recall, rolled her ankle going after Anastasia Rodionova's match point shot in the second round of the U.S. Open. These days, Lisicki seems to be in rehab more often than she is on the court.


Andy said...

Two injuries, close together, have temporarily sidelined this young champion. Make no mistakes, as Sabine has made no excuses- she will return with the valiant, powerful game that defines her. Look for her to re-claim her rightful spot among the tennis elite.

Diane said...

I hope so, Andy. I'm sorry she's had so many problems these last few months.

Anonymous said...

Diane, if it isn't too much trouble to ask, what is the normal procedure when a player injures themselves on the tennis court? Everything just seemed so bizarre after Sabine fell to the ground and started crying in pain. Did you see the match point? There's a video on youtube where you see how Rodionova started asking for applause and signed autographs while Sabine is still in pain and no one seems to mind. Corina Morariu rushes onto the court to conduct an interview with Rodionova before anyone really knows the extent of Sabine's injury. Did something go wrong out there? Is this just the way thing are done on the outer courts? Would it have been different if the match was on center court? Thanks for any help, Paul

Diane said...

I did see match point, yes. And the YouTube video you describe (I haven't seen it) sounds like it has been edited to make Rodionova look bad. She was actually stunned when Lisicki fell, and later said she didn't know what she was supposed to do.

I don't recall what happened (or maybe it just wasn't on camera) in terms of getting Lisicki help--how long it took, etc. But if there was a problem, I don't think it was related to the fact that the match was played on an outer court. It did seem to me that Lisicki lay there for quite a while.

When Zvonareva turned her ankle badly and fell in Charleston at a night match in the main stadium, she lay on the court for a very long time. Her coach tried to take an ice pack to her, and he was held back by officials. Her opponent tried to tend to her, and she was held back. A ballboy with an ice pack was prevented from getting near her. The chair umpire just sat there the whole time.

Finally, someone put Zvonareva, who was in terrible pain, in a golf cart, and then she was given an ice pack and taken away. It wasn't pretty.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a procedure in place.