Saturday, September 19, 2009

Peng retires in Guangzhou

3rd seed Peng Shuai retired with a right wrist injury in her semifinal match against Shahar Peer today in Guangzhou. Peer, the number 5 seed, will play Alberta Brianti in the final. Brianti, the 8th seed, defeated 7th seed Ayumi Morita.

The doubles final will feature the team of Kimiko Date Krumm and Sun Tiantian against the team of Olga Govortsova and Tatiana Poutchek.


Roi said...

Its actually Olga Govortsova and Tatiana Poutchek goind to the finals.

Do you remember something Kimiko Date said... i dont know, about half a year ago or so: that she had to start winning those first round matches. Im really happy to see her in a WTA doubles final, but im desperate too to see her winning one of those 3 set matches she's been giving away everywhere in singles.

Is she and Sun TianTian win (and i think they will) this doubles, i hope it boost her confidance again.

Diane said... it is. Thanks for the catch, Roi.

I do recall Kimiko saying that. I wish she could do better in singles, too. It must be disheartening sometimes--cleaning up in all those small Asian tournaments, and then losing so many of those 3-setters.