Monday, September 28, 2009


The new Tampax ad featuring Serena Williams is one of the worst commercials I have ever seen. "Mother Nature" is a kind of 1960s club lady, and the entire thing is inane. Serena is actually kind of funny, but, really--what were they thinking?

IMG has signed Li Na as a client.

For those who enjoy irony: The latest issue of Tennis--which is devoted to issues involving older readers and tennis players--manages to insult older citizens by referring to an older chair umpire as "senile." Having already insulted women and the LGBT community, the magazine's slur toward people over 50 comes as no surprise, and I suppose the editors' lack of insight isn't exactly shocking, either.

Melanie Oudin and John Isner will represent the USA in the 2010 Hopman Cup competition.

For the first time in 18 years, there are three British women in the world's top 100--Anne Keothavong, Elena Baltacha and Katie O'Brien.

Tom Perrotta says Kim Clijsters may dominate Justine Henin next season. Steve Flink says Henin will dominate Clijsters, but that Clijsters will make it harder for her to do so.


Jen said...

Hello Diane, and what a long, confusing 16 months for women's tennis. But now it is reality -- long live the once and future Queen! The thrills that January and all of 2010 may bring can only enrich our souls and our sport.

I really don't know what to call Perrotta's piece except perhaps the wishful plea of a Clijsters fan. She's bigger, she's stronger -- gosh, she can just push the ball back and still win! Whereas Justine, ah well... she must go for too much, she can be brilliant but pays the price by "having many more mediocre performances."

How easily we forget, Tom. We forget Henin's 63-4 record her last full year on the circuit. But maybe most of those 63 wins were mediocre performances, yes? Like at the French Open and the U.S. Open -- 14 matches in all -- without the loss of a single SET. But I know we could find some mediocre POINTS at least. Cue the videotape!

Yet forgive me, Tom. Of course you do remember Justine's shocking loss to Bartoli in the Wimby semis! Why was it shocking? Maybe because it was the ONLY match Justine lost of her last 41 that year, from before the French Open in May through her dramatic win over an extremely dangerous and determined Sharapova in the year-ending Tour Championships. And by the way, Tom, in winning those 40 matches Henin dropped 5 sets. Ugh. Mediocre!

Todd Spiker said...

While Perrotta is correct to mention Henin's previous lack of belief, he fails to point out that any real on-court evidence of it pretty much evaporated a tennis lifetime -- well, two actually -- ago. Could she have a hard time getting her full confidence back in H2? Sure, but while some players (the Williams sisters) thrive most when their confidence is at a bubbling-over high, Henin was always one of those athletes who used as fuel the doubts of others and even her own questioning of her abilities to push her forward, stoking her desire and leading her to work harder than her opponents in order to achieve.

It worked pretty well for her, and very well might again.

Also, just as good a case against Clijsters' mental approach in 2010 could be made. Remember, she's only played three tournaments and went to New York with pretty much no pressure on her at all. She performed perfectly under those conditions, but will that continue to be the case in the biggest touranments next season when she'll be expected to live up to her Open title? THAT was where she faltered so often in KC 1.

Either way, the debate is already on, I guess. :)

Diane said...

I think we are going to see a more patient, more confident Clijsters next season. And I can't imagine Justine making a return without being completely prepared in every way. I'm looking forward to it; I only wish Amelie were in form so that rivalry could be resumed,too.

But bring on Justine and Kim, Justine and Serena, and Justine and anyone else who feels ready to take on one of the biggest challenges in women's tennis.

Jen said...

It should be fun, for sure. One "rivalry" I'm looking forward to seeing resumed is Henin vs Jankovic. Jelena was 0 for 7 against Justine in 2007 and is 0 for 9 overall. But she famously declared, "No one beats me ten times in a row." I thought we'd never see that 10th match when Henin retired. Now, if Jelena is in form (a big 'if') it could be tantalizing!

Anonymous said...

Yes, long live Serena Williams, still the Queen of the court. Venus not far behind,owns Henin in match play. Congrates to Venus and Serena, for making the year end championshp in doubles at Doha!You ladies "ROCK"