Thursday, September 24, 2009

Henin focused on Wimbledon

My guess--and I'm sure the guess of many others--was that Justine Henin's primary goal in returning to the tour was to win the one major that eluded her--Wimbledon. Speaking of her serve and what she needs to do to win in London, Henin says "I am not [tall], so technically it has to be perfect." Her goal is to have a 70 first serve percentage, and she and coach Carlos Rodriguez are making Henin's serve a priority. Henin has always had a good serve, but after her return from serious illness, she tended to miss more first serves than she had before.

Henin credits her competition against Kim Clijsters as making her stronger. However, she says her return to the tour was more influenced by Roger Federer's breakthrough in winning the French Open.

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Anonymous said...

Henin might win another major, but I it won't be a Wimbledon.