Monday, August 31, 2009

U.S. Open--what they said

"My mistake is that I don't always finish off my movement the way I should. I'm kind of already preparing myself for the next shot while I didn't even finish my serve yet."
Kim Clijsters

" was a good chance for me, so I wasn't totally upset. I was pretty excited."
Alexa Glatch, on playing Serena Williams in the first round

You have this tennis thing down pretty well. I was at Yankee Stadium Friday night. Were you working on your pitching?
"...They kept saying, 'I hope you can get it there.' I thought, I can get it there easy. I think I got the sports mixed up."
Serena Williams

"...those injuries I had were never really like career-threatening. They were a problem because they were always lingering and they kind of stopped me from, you know, from moving the way that I wanted to, especially the hip and the lower back."
Kim Clijsters

"Suddenly, she'll have a little glitch, and sometimes she can make a meal of it."
Virginia Wade, speaking of Daniela Hantuchova

The occasion didn't call for it, but can you still do the splits that you were so famous for?
"I can. Yeah. I'm not going to do them right now, but..."
Kim Clijsters

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