Thursday, August 27, 2009

U.S. Open qualifying update

Here are some players you may know who are already out in the first round of U.S. Open qualifying:

Petra Cetkovska
Abigail Spears
Betina Jozami
Yuliana Fedak
Anne Kremer
Lenka Wienerova
Nicole Vaidisova
Rika Fujiwara
Krisina Kucova
Akgul Amanmuradova (ret.)
Sloane Stephens
Virginia Ruano Pascual
Coco Vandewegh
Hsieh Su-Wei
Julia Vakulenko
Elena Bovina

There are many others; the above is a somewhat arbitray list of players who--for one reason or another--might be better known.


Anonymous said...

Worth pointing out:

I saw the Vakulenko match, and she was clearly (slightly) injured... called for the trainer a few games in, and had a hard time bending down throughout the match.

-Zach Herz

Diane said...

Sadly, Julia's career has more or less been one sustained injury. She has a big game, but hardly ever gets to play it.