Wednesday, August 19, 2009


David Shoemaker has been named president of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. He was previously the organization's chief operating officer. (Unlike Stacey Allaster, Shoemaker has not been given a gender change in his new title.)

Sony Ericsson also has a new president. Bert Nordberg, a long-time Sony Ericsson Silicone Valley software manager, has been named to the post. Nordberg's job will be to better position the company, which has struggled against competition like Nokia and Samsung.

Twitter has become the playground of professional tennis players, most notably Serena Williams on the women's side. That's all I can say because no enticement exists that could get me to read anything on Twitter.

As an ensemble--that is, with the jacket included--Kim Clijsters' U.S. Open Series outfit is probably my favorite so far this year.

Speaking of Kim, she has a wild card into the main draw of the China Open.

Here is another stupid tennis idea that I hope does not become reality.


David said...

Ugh, that Rogers Cup idea is just brutal.

Anonymous said...

Go do your twitter thing Serena, lovin' it!

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