Sunday, July 5, 2009

Random thoughts about Wimbledon

The Centre Court roof is a good thing, but more thought needs to put into when to keep it on and when to remove it. Wimbledon officials were quite defensive about the humidity complaints, but they need to address the issue. One very good thing about the roof--it kept the rain away!

Officials also need to address the issue of court assignments for the top women players. Whether you believe that sexism is involved in the decision-making (which many of us do, with good reason), or that selections are made on a less offensive basis, there is still a problem.

I wish the junior girls' final were not scheduled the same time as the women's final. The top junior players, in my opinion, should be permitted to watch the women's final.

For those who live in the U.S.--perhaps you also noticed a sudden gender consciousness in Pam Shriver, of all people. On more than one occasion--sometimes directly, sometimes implicitly--she brought up the subject of sexism.

There were some nice outfits. I especially liked Maria Sharapova's well-designed dress, and I liked the simplicity of Amelie Mauresmo's. And despite the jeers I heard about her retro look, I thought Victoria Azarenka's headband was just right. It's always a bit of a challenge, for those who care, to stand out--but not too much--in white.


Todd Spiker said...

Another thing with the roof, when it was closed that one time I believe the commentators mentioned that the Club doesn't really have a policy about closing it (and turning on the lights) for darkness because they like to insist it's a "daytime" event.

After the great feel to the Murray match that went until 10:40pm, they really should make a rule that every scheduled Centre Court match should be played that day, even if it means closing the roof when it becomes too dark to finish the match late in the day. If they wanted to maintain a rule about not starting a set after a certain time of night (10:30 or 11pm maybe), I guess that'd be okay. But, still, the people who pay for those seats should really be assured of seeing those matches since the technology now is present that would allow it.

Nighttime tennis is just so great, I think. It's my favorite thing about the U.S. Open.

Also, a few lights outdoors for the people on the Hill watching the big TV screen would be nice, too. I don't there were any there this year, and that was really poor planning on the Club's part. :)

Diane said...

I agree, Todd, that it is a better policy to allow play to continue so that people can see a match they came to see.

I didn't catch that there were no lights on Henman Hill (Murray Mount, whatever). Yes, someone didn't think that through.