Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mirza drama continues

With Sania Mirza, it is always something. She has had a fatwa placed on her, she's been charged with disturbing the peace, she got in trouble for promoting safe sex, she was issued a court warning for dishonoring the flag, and one of her doctors was the recipient of a threat letter. More drama follows Mirza than she could ever create on the court.

And now there's something new: Two men have been arrested because of Mirza's marriage engagement. One man threatened to kill himself if Mirza went through with her engagement to Sohrab Mirza. The other tried to go to her house to proclaim his love.


Marija said...

Isn't it unbelievable? She's so young, and so many strange stories have happened to her, that don't happen to 50 other people together in a lifetime.

Jelena Dokic is another quite similar example, more tragic though. Now she's suffering from mononucleosis!

Diane said...

I didn't know Jelena had mononucleosis. I'm not surprised, though; she had already been diagnosed with SFS. I feel bad for her.