Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What a quote

"For some reason, I feel tired."
Jelena Jankovic

Yes, well...this is what we were all afraid of--that Jankovic's body would just give out on her this season.

"It's not as though I've been playing a lot of matches," Jankovic said in an interview in Dubai, "but I don't feel that I'm moving very well on the court. I'm really struggling. There are some shots that I can usually make without much effort, but now I'm struggling to get those balls."

Jankovic has also struggled with a bad back, and now she is having trouble getting used to a new coach, who apparently does things very differently from what she is used to.

It is imperative that Jankovic get in shape, which--for her--probably means taking it easy. It is also imperative that she improve her serve. Jankovic is way too talented to let her career slide away because of bad decisions about scheduling and denial about what a difference a better serve would make.

With an improved serve, I still have no doubt that Jankovic can win a major--but only if she is healthy.


Todd Spiker said...

Haha. Jankovic is the most unintentionally hilarious player out there.

This is sort of like someone pounding their head against a wall all day, then wondering why they have a headache at night.

Peter said...

she didn't have much trouble today!